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Mahdi and Shamik Opening and VisionLee about Edge Infrastructure at ScaleLiam about Bringing Stability to the EdgePaul about Smart Citizens, Smart Cities and the Telco CloudAndy on Edge for Operators - A Research PerspectiveJose and Alan about A New Cloud: Building a Bridge between Operators and DevelopersSebastiaan about Why Online Gaming needs an EdgeCheryl about The Importance of Coverage and Reliability for Polystream Using Edge Compute ResourcesJuan about The Telco Edge CloudHimanshu about Telco Edge - Challenges, Expectations and DifferentiatorsJag about Predicting Human Behaviour at the EdgeRaghu on Augmented Remote Assistance Using Edge ComputingChris about Cloud and Edge computing for live video streaming the better approach to CDNsPrakash on The Need for Deep Edge CDNArif about Defining KPIs and measuring performance of edge applicationsMark about AI for Analytics, Data Management and in ops are critical to deploying edge at scaleRound-Up Panel: The Road to cognitive cities and an intelligent digital fabric

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