Edgehog Day 2022

Bringing Together the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

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What is Edgehog Day?

Edgehog Day is a virtual conference for the distributed computing industry to come together and discuss the latest innovations and solutions for enterprises, providers and vendors. Industry leaders from software companies, analyst firms, telcos and enterprises offer their impressions of the current state of the edge market in panel discussions, demonstrations, keynotes and fireside chats.

Why Attend?

  • Understand the multi-cloud market and its impact on your business

  • See the latest hybrid-cloud solutions in action

  • Engage with industry thought leaders directly 

Industry Thought Leaders

The State of Multi-Cloud in Industry

See the Future of Cloud Today

Recent Speakers

Innovators and Thought Leaders

Mahdi Yahya
Founder and CEO at Ori Industries

Lori MacVittie
Principal Technical Evangelist – F5

Elizabeth Rumsey
Global Senior PM - MEC, Edge Applications and Analytics, Vodafone Business

Paul Colgan
SVP and Head of Telco, Kx

Simon Crosby

Olivier Avaro
Founder and CEO at Blacknut

Maria Cuevas
Principal Manager, Mobile and 5G Research Team – BT Labs

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal at AvidThink

Gorkem Yigit
Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason

Stephen Goldberg
CEO at HarperDB

Melissa Dore
VP Community at Ori Industries

David Turner
VP Engineering at Ori Industries

Duncan Johnston-Watt

Kathy Giori
Ecosystem Engagement Lead at ZEDEDA

David Owens
Head of Technical Trials at Virgin Media O2

Mark Thiele
Founder and CEO at Edgevana

David Nicol
Senior Product Manager at Ori Industries

Roman Shaposhnik
Member Board of Directors LF Edge

Marina Traversari
COO at Spherics

Duncan Clubb
Head of Digital Infrastructure Advisory, CBRE

Yann Begassat
Business Development Director, Broadpeak

Nicolas Corrarello
Senior Director, Solutions Engineering EMEA, HashiCorp

Jose Domingos
VP Telco Strategy at Ori Industries

Lakshmi Mandyam
VP Product Management Service Provider and Edge BU at VMware

Lisa-Marie Namphy
Head of Developer Relations, Cockroach Labs

Rain Leander
AppDev Technical Evangelist, Cockroach Labs

Charles Elegbede
Lead Azure Data & AI Specialist - Banking & Capital Markets at Microsoft

Ken Tune
Solution Architect, EMEA at Aerospike

2021 Agenda

Main Stage

Edge Track

2:00 pm -
2:10 pm GMT

The Edge Industry at the Close of 2021

Mahdi Yahya
CEO and Founder of Ori Industries

2:10 pm -
2:25 pm GMT

Announcing the Ori Global Edge Marketplace

Douglas Mancini
CCO at Ori Industries

2:25 pm -
3:15 pm GMT

A Panel on All Things Edge

Olivier Avaro
CEO at Blacknut

Duncan Johnston-Watt

Lori Mac Vittie (Moderator)
Principal Technical Evangelist at F5

Who is Edgehog Day for?


Enterprise IT is overwhelmed with the complexity and options available to meet the needs of their customers and employees. Engage with colleagues experiencing the same issues looking for edge computing to be the answer.

Software Vendors

Learn how edge computing radically changes customer expectations for highly interactive services. Are you prepared to meet this new challenge? Understanding how to build for the edge is not enough, you also need to meet the complex deployment issues for edge orchestration.

Telecom Operators

How can you monetise your private network offering and take advantage of the coming explosion of private network deployments that you are perfectly situated for? Hear from other operators engaged in the ecosystem and learn about platform solutions built to take advantage of your 5G deployments. 


Passionate about the next computing revolution? Come explore how hybrid-cloud innovations are poised to upend the entire computing market with global capabilities to reach an individual with massively fast and scalable interactive services. 

Alana Green
CEO and Founder of Altran

Want to hear about how the edge will drive the launch and monetisation of new industry use cases?

These deployments will need to be interoperable across different networks and geographies: find out how the edge can deliver on this.
Michael Janda
Software Enginnering Team Lead at Facebook

Deploying the next generation of applications?

If you're looking to leverage high availability and reliability when deploying your services, hear more about how the edge will meet the needs of increasingly distributed applications.
Alana Green
CEO and Founder of Altran

Passionate about the next generation of computing?

With the increasing number of data sensitive and date driven applications today, the ability to guarantee latencies and privacy can give traditional industries a competitive edge. Join the discussion to see how, and why, the edge enables this.


Bringing Together the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

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