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Previous speakers include thought leaders in Edge Computing and 5G

Mahdi Yahya

CEO and Founder of Ori Industries

Juan Carlos Garcia

SVP Technology and Ecosystems at Telefónica

Shamik Mishra

VP & Global Industry Chief Architect at Altran

Cheryl Razzell

VP of Engineering at Polystream

Andy Corston-Petrie

Senior Manager, Mobile Core Networks Research at BT

Paul Colgan

SVP and Head of Telco at Kx

Sebastiaan Heijne

CEO and Founder of Gameye

José Domingos

VP Telco Strategy at Ori Industries

Matthew Trifiro

Chief Marketing Officer at Vapor IO

Jag Minhas

CEO and Founder of Sensing Feeling

Raghu Kishore Vempati

Director Technology, Research and Innovation at Altran

Alan Evans

Principal Solutions Architect at Ori Industries

Mark Thiele

CEO and Fouder of Edgevana

Lee Hetherington

VP of Technology Ori Industries

Liam Bennett

Chief Platform Architect at Ori Industries

Himanshu Singh

Director - Technology (Research & Innovation Group) at Altran

Prakash Advani

CEO of PicoNets

Arif Mohammed Khan

Co-Founder of VoerEir AB

Chris Allen

CEO and Founder of Red5 Pro

Mark Bridges

Vice President, Future Infrastructure Group at CableLabs

Who is Edgehog Day for?

Telecom Operators

Want to hear about how the edge will drive the launch and monetisation of new industry use cases? These deployments will need to be interoperable across different networks and geographies: find out how the edge can deliver on this.

Application Developers

Deploying the next generation of applications? If you're looking to leverage high availability and reliability when deploying your services, hear more about how the edge will meet the needs of increasingly distributed applications.


With the increasing number of data sensitive and date driven applications today, the ability to guarantee latencies and privacy can give traditional industries a competitive edge. Join the discussion to see how, and why, the edge enables this.

Edge Enthusiasts

Passionate about the next generation of computing? If you saw the rise of cloud computing and how it has transformed industries globally, come explore how industry 4.0 is poised to explode with new network capabilities across the globe.

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Mahdi and Shamik Opening and VisionLee about Edge Infrastructure at ScaleLiam about Bringing Stability to the EdgePaul about Smart Citizens, Smart Cities and the Telco CloudAndy on Edge for Operators - A Research PerspectiveJose and Alan about A New Cloud: Building a Bridge between Operators and Developers
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